28th ART specializes in Motion Graphics, along with, 3D & Graphic Design. 28th ART is based out of Marrakesh, Morocco, with a tight nit online community of friends from around the world, who have one common passion: We love art & design. Our concentration is based on seven key colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Grey, Yellow, Green, and Magenta; with respect to other colors on the wide spectrum.
We are proud to announce that 28th ART is an up and coming Design company, and we are always up to date on the latest design tips and technology. We encourage all visitors to become a part of our community, we love to learn and hear about new techniques and ideas from our members, and incorporate that into our work. Your passions and ideas are what drive us to become better designers.
With your help, we can grow as a community, in today’s world of Graphic Art. Join our forum and start sharing your passion for art & design with us today!